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The EIGHT EFFECT was set up at the beginning of the 21st century. The practice has designed many buildings and its carrier started with the historical building refurbishment. Currently, the practice's design territories are expanded to planning, consultation, creative direction with collaborating with other disciplines, producing exhibitions and events and architectural design with the new technology, natural materials and traditional handcrafts. The EIGHT EFFECT enhances, directs the projects and achieves their goals with coordinating with other fields.

  When, age 5, I saw and was impressed the picture of the "Fallingwater" designed by the American well-known architect, F.L. Wright, on the front cover of the foreign book. Since then, the challenge of designing architectures and products became my lifetime work. I would like to involve the work which you and our society like and it will be a legacy for our next generation.



道田 淳Architect / Creative Directer

Born in Kyoto, 1968. The founder of EIGHT EFFECT INC. After involving in the planning of architecture, display and sign of the MIHO Museum(Shiga, 1997) for American architect, I.M.Pei , he set up his own practice. The work are Hiiragi-ya, traditional Japanese hotel renovation and extension(Kyoto, 2007) and etc. The comprehensive approach is based on the architectural design thought. He worked on the exhibition planning is on the "Neo-Japanesque" series for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan(London, 2008-2019) and was appointed the exhibition director on the final year. As a regional development of Takahama-cho, Fukui prefecture., Japan, the series of promotion design work awarded on the 1st prize of "The 1st, regional leaflet award"(Japan Center for Regional Development, 2013) The current on-going consultation, direction and architectural planning projects are the conversion project from the historical Japanese temple to the urban communal facility, the 30th anniversary renewal project of the large aquarium, the commercial and residential building in Tokyo, the French restaurant building design in the resort district and the refurbishment project of the monument of the famous military commander loved more than 1000 years. His design works are not only architecture design, but also consultation and direction in other territory.


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道田 淳
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