柊家旅館 新館

Hiiragi-ya, new annext


Client : HIIRAGIYA Inc.
Architectural Design and Site observation : Jun MICHIDA (EIGHT EFFECT INC.)

It was the renovation project of the 200 years old traditional Japanese hotel and its facilities and producing the leaflet design. In 2006, the new annex and extension project with main hall without column with Yukitsuri, -suspended- structure and the new seven guest rooms by the hand craft work with natural materials were completed(one basement and three floors with steel and reinforced concrete structure, building foot print:372 sqm and total floor:1,353 sqm). Currently, the small renovations are ongoing in the new annex and existing building.
  I had a big opportunity to involve this project and spent five years with concentration. From this project, I have learnt too many things which formed the base of my creative career. It was definitely the climax on the first half of my life.