Azabujuban 251 (Manivia Azabujuban)


Client : Mani corporation Ltd.
Architectural Design and Site observation : Jun MICHIDA (EIGHT EFFECT INC.)

It was the commercial building project located at the corner of the crossing at the Azabujuban shopping street (Nine floors, steel structure and total floor:746 sqm). The building was designed the prosperity with stacking nine floors by street shops from the traditional shopping street. Every floor has the terrace which creates the highlighted facade in the popular district. The steel panels, fixed onto terrace soffits reflect the light and nightscape, therefore, show the gorgeous scene of the Minato district.
  This is my first project of the skeleton infill mainly structure and external envelop. I am much more confident that I could complete the commercial building project which we have never seen in the central district in Tokyo. During the construction period, we had hard time due to the Lehman financial crisis.