"Motenashi-Jukkei", Nestle "Komi-baisen", soluble coffee


Client : Nestlé Japan Ltd., / Dentsu Inc.
Planning & Creative Direction : Jun MICHIDA (EIGHT EFFECT INC.)

It is the special 10th year anniversary campaign for Nestle's high quality soluble coffee, "Komi-baisen". It is the promotion campaign of the ten special collaboration work between Kyoto's traditional hotels and craftsmen from all over Japan and the campaign created the special products. The function and creative process of each product were introduced on the websites and magazines monthly. Moreover, the lottery and events were held on spring and fall season.
  I redefined the concept of "Hospitality, attitude and arrangement" which is the necessity for the relaxation and aimed to make synergy effect in my first campaign direction. It was rare experiences which I was in the different time scale of 24 hours in the room and of 365 days of combination campaign with seasons.