Takahama-cho, city promotion and master planning work, the 1st, regional leaflet award


Client : Takahama-cho, Fukui prefecture
Produce & Creative Direction : Jun MICHIDA (EIGHT EFFECT INC.)

This is a regional development work in Takahama-cho, Fukui prefecture for 5 years since 2008. It was the comprehensive consultation work among the multidiscipline and created a series of promotion design work, such as developing the special products with local materials, the masterplanning and planning of the refurbishment project of public buildings. After 3 years since published, one of the work, the official leaflet was awarded on the 1st prize (among 2,334 entries) of "The 1st, regional leaflet award" in the event held by Japan Center for Regional Development.
  The work went slightly ahead of the time. Even proposing the good concept, it was difficult to implement the project without the social communication in the evening. The lessons learnt from this project were the combination between the potential of the area, the importance of communication and the proposal plan. I am pleased to still keep in touch with the local people from this work.