Positve Deli

Positive Deli

2011 *現存せず

Client : Positive Food Inc.
Architectural Design and Site observation *not exist : Jun MICHIDA (EIGHT EFFECT INC.)

This is the renewal project of the cafe dining restaurant in Odaiba with the panoramic view of the Tokyo bay and the city of Tokyo. The proposals were not only for the restaurant use during the weekday, but also the space use for groups of visitors at the weekend. The interior with the 12m high spacious room has the relax atmosphere like an oversea resort and the exterior has the special terrace for cyclists and visitors with their pets. This space, for the small numbers of the neighbor during the weekday, turns into the venue for parties and wedding receptions at the weekend.
  My first interior project targeted totally different areas and customers from my previous experience. The target is not for the niche market to select their live but for the fashion-conscious mass market. I felt that my sense of sensitivity was expanded.