春日奥山・月日亭 特別貸切浴室

Kasugaokuyama Tsukihi-tei, Special reserved bathroom


Client : 株式会社近鉄旅館システムズ
Consulting & Architectural Design and Site observation : Jun MICHIDA (EIGHT EFFECT INC.)

This is the part of the renewal project of the Japanese restaurant and Ryokan, hotel located in the forest of the world heritage site. The special reserved bathroom was renovated with the modern comfort and safety by the craftsmanship with the natural materials. The bathroom was designed with joy and contrivance everywhere such as floor finish with Japanese lacquer on the white cedar, the comfortable footstep on the wood tiles, fragrance from the bathtub made by umbrella pine, the color of the stained glass. There is still variety of projects on site ongoing.
  I believe there must be highlights of the bathroom not only on ceilings and walls but also on floors. For visitors, I would like to give relaxation with gentle feeling of wood surfaces on their soles. Therefore, I have developed the wooden floor tiles. It took nearly 10 years since then. The visitors still love this room and I am pleased that it has no maintenance issue.