Edo KIRIKO, faceted glass art by young artisan exhibition


Client : ITOCHU Corporation.
Direction of Exhibition : Jun MICHIDA (EIGHT EFFECT INC.)
Art Direction : Yoichi SOTOKAWA

The exhibition is the one of social action programs by the ITOCHU Corporation. The 4th show recorded the largest number of visitors in their history since 2013. The exhibition plan and graphic work were fundamentally renewed to express the stateliness of the traditional craftsmanship and the freshness of the young artisan. The accessories were displayed for visitors who look like wearing them. The wares were displayed to be shown its front, bottom and tale by mirrored and glassed display boxes. The exhibition expressed the different aspect and charm of work which has never known.
  The exhibition was free entry generously. The much-loved show terminated with the number of visitors increased 20 % more than the year before. This is the exhibition which I would like to work again with updated plans.