海遊館 MB水槽照明工事並びに展示通路リニューアル工事

Osaka Aquarium, KAIYUKAN, lighting design of the fish tank and display route design renewal in the main building


Client : Kaiyukan Inc.
Architectural design & Site observation, Creative direction : Jun MICHIDA (EIGHT EFFECT INC.)
Lighting design : Yuko YORIMOTO (Lightgrace Inc.)
Interior design : Kaoru FUJII
Art direction : Yoichi SOTOKAWA
Movie direction : Osamu TOMOSUE (Osamu Style)
Photos : Naoki Miyashita

This is the renewal design work for the one of the famous aquarium in Japan for its 30th anniversary. We designed the aquarium like a theater. This theater consists of three parts. At the entrance area as a foyer, the impression by the large transparent LED screen has been left for visitors. Along with the aquarium route as audience seats, visitors enjoy viewing and have fish information. In fish tanks as stages, the three dimensional lighting design and finishing work has been updated for showing depth and width to match the scene concept, "Here comes the sun".
  From the early stage of the project, I started the trackless path. Since then I built up the results steadily for three years. To involve in this project was like climbing a mountain giving bad weather and unexpected events on its path. However, I am pleased that I reached to the top on the anniversary year. It was tough experience, but I would like to try again on the bigger mountain.