Nihonbashi honcho itchome building


Client : Nihonbashi Kogyo Inc.
Planning, Architectural design & Supervision : Jun MICHIDA (EIGHT EFFECT INC.)
Design and Site observation : NN studio architectural office
Photos : Naoki Miyashita

The start of this project was a single word by the client, “I would like to come back to my birthplace, Nihonbashi as my final place”. The site is fantastic location with just five minutes walk distance from Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi department main store. The proposed building is with a gallery space on the ground floor, office spaces in the middle floors and the residence floors on the top. The building façade was designed with the pattern of rain fall and bolt of lightnings for expressing a tiny shining jewel in the traditional district in Tokyo. The rain fall pattern comes from the Japanese classic woodblock print, UKIYO-E, “Sudden Shower over Shin-Ōhashi bridge and Atake” by Hiroshige Utagawa and the bolt of lightnings strong pattern from the geometrical series were overlaid on. The last piece of the project was to name the building. The name of this building is “N11”, N comes from the initial of site and of client name and 11, the super prime number, was summed up by the address number of the site.
  It has been a while for us to work on the building type projects. I think that the high-rise buildings, stacking floors on the tops, express the entire desire of humankind. Although, we have only experiences of the building type projects in the Minato and Chou wards with slightly different characteristic backgrounds, I believe that the gold and silver colours would suit the city of Tokyo. On this type of project, the façade design is the key and main factor. It, however, was fan experience to translate the potential desire of skyscraper into elegance, overwhelming and impression. Besides, the most remarkable things for me on this project was to collaborate with the excellent former staff of my practice.