将門塚 第六次改修工事

Masakado-duka (Masakado’s mound), the sixth reconstruction work


Project Director, Architectural design, Creative direction : Jun MICHIDA (EIGHT EFFECT INC.)
Drawing & CG : Masaya Matsumoto, Taku Horiguchi
Graphic Design : Yoichi Sotokawa
Photograph : Naoki Miyashita

Masakado-duka, is the place where buried the head of military commander, Taira no Masakado who was active and laid the foundation of the worriers’ period around the Kanto district in Heian-era and was also loved and respected as a guardian of Edo city. Currently, this landmark is the cultural heritage of Tokyo Metropolitan Government and one of the most famous spiritual site where many worshippers still visit from all over Japan even now. The project of the large-scale reconstruction work has completed on 26th April 2021, it is 1082 years since Masakado’s death. Therefore, stakeholders in various fields cooperate to succeed it for the future generation.
  Although the place was loved and respected until Edo-era, it was told to curse the bad lucks many times since Meiji-era, stormy period. Therefore, the site was recognized with negatives rather than positives, today. The place name, “duka” of Masakado-duka means a mound in Japanese. Therefore, it was designed for having an interest in the ground itself with sunny and clear view for refreshing our mind. It is impossible to hear whether Masakado favors the new mound or not. We believe that the Masakado is pleased because the severalfold worshipers have visited for the first year since the project completion. It was also appreciated that the daily cleaning and maintenance by the conservation committee and volunteers.

The planning design of the new Masakado-duka, reflected by its view of life and death and the timber fences patterned by traditional design are explain in the detail document, “The concept of design and detailed explanation (8,000 words in Japanese)” linked below.

将門塚 第六次改修工事 将門塚 第六次改修工事 将門塚 第六次改修工事 将門塚 第六次改修工事 将門塚 第六次改修工事 将門塚 第六次改修工事 将門塚 第六次改修工事

設計思想と細部説明 2021年5月3日